What We Do

We offer a wide variety of services that suit our customers or clientele. We provide the following services: Aquisitions, Development, Joint Ventures, 1031 Exchanges, Tax Defered Advisement

How We Do It

MJM Investment Co., LLC. has a history of building and securing respected relationships with the real estate brokerage arena. Our company understands the integral nature of the relationship between the brokerage community and real estate principals. We constantly review high-quality investment opportunities for our portfolio and that of our clients. We have structured an in-house system for analyzing and reviewing commercial real estate properties that enables us to make an offer on a property immediately if it fits our criteria or the criteria of a client.

This approach to evaluating potential investments has placed MJM Investment Company at the top of a much diversified, results-driven market as a company that values the relationship and necessity of real estate brokers.
Not only do we afford brokers the opportunity for our principal acquisitions, but our syndicated or Tenant-In-Common deals also allow brokers to find and fund equity projects for us as well, earning referral fees.


As principal portfolio holders, and as acting advisors for our clients, the following are guidelines into the types of property criteria we focus on: Return on investment, Areas that are in the midst of development/re-growth & any property type, income-producing.