Our Team


MICHAEL ASHEGHIAN is the Founder and Managing Member of MJM Investment Co. , LLC. He is a real estate owner, developer and acting principal. Michael oversees and manages all aspects of commercial real estate acquisitions, 1031 exchanges, property dispositions, land development and building foresight, architectural advisement and the company's investment strategy and direction.

 With almost 30 years and several billions of diverse real estate transactions under his belt, Michael's experience and expertise excel.

 After graduating from the School of Architecture at the University of Southern California , his business career began with the architectural and engineering firm of Victor Gruen Associates in charge of designing major commercial, industrial and institutional complexes in the US and other developing countries. After leaving Victor Gruen Associates in 1978, Michael established Transatlantic International Corporation, an investment and development company, working to design and build shopping centers, hotels, apartment complexes and condominiums.

In the early 90's, due to the shift in the real estate economy, the business grew more into industrial projects, and MJM Investment Company, LLC was founded.

MJM's exceptional success has warranted its shift into larger commercial projects, such as designing and developing neighborhood and power centers in several areas in the Inland Empire . Michael currently oversees over 1 million square feet of commercial and residential development properties through MJM. Michael holds real estate and contractors licenses. Its predecessor company have been in business since 1977. The company has acquired, developed, managed and sold a variety of properties, including hotels, apartments, condominiums, shopping centers, industrial complexes and residential lofts. The company has also been active in developing land and obtaining entitlements for residential and commercial development.